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Readers are Leaders
Our library believes reading is one of the most important skills your child will ever learn.  The child who reads well, and loves to read-will excel in school and achieve personal growth. Here at Nicolet we are committed to this belief which is why we are placing a renewed emphasis on improving reading across the curriculum. We are using the program READING RENAISSANCE, a computer-based reading motivation system.  READING RENAISSANCE has three main objectives. 

1. To dramatically improve student reading performances, as measured by standardized test. 

2. To improve students critical-thinking skills. 

3. To instill in students a lifelong love of reading.  

The RENAISSANCE program consist of Accelerated books, from which students choose the books they want to read.  The AR  books are color coded in different reading levels for each student.  After a student reads a book of their choice, they then take a small quiz on the book in the computer. They then receive a print out of their score.  

Our library has an inventory of just under 14,000 books for students to READ and use for RESEARCH.  So come on in and sit down and read.
Need to find an AR book? Want to know the AR level of your book?

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Denise Tanghe is the adviser to the book club READERS ARE LEADERS. The club consists of approximately 30 students that want to read to elementary school students with enthusiasm and expression. Nicolet's READERS ARE LEADERS club has been formed with the intention to...

     A. Follow directions from other leaders 

     B. To read to others for enjoyment 

     C. to feel comfortable speaking out loud in front of groups 

     D. To have fun doing community work in a cooperative way 

     E. To be in a teacher role while reading to students   

  • 2.0  grade point average or higher
  • An elective class 
  • Teacher approval of good behavior 
  • Cannot be on the restriction list and/or citizenship debt list (until paid up) at anytime prior to or during the school year. 

Every Wednesday club members go to Central E.S. from 9:15 to 9:50.