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Music is one of the seven intelligences identified in the brain and the only one that utilizes all seven intelligences simultaneously. The benefits conveyed by providing music education can be grouped into four categories: success in society, success in school, success in developing intelligence, and success in life.

Teacher/musician Christine Richardson is the director of Nicolet's music program which is comprised of music appreciation and band. Students who learn to play an instrument not only become part of an old and noble art, but they also learn discipline and cooperation with others. A student's participation in a school band program automatically places them in a worthwhile school activity. Nicolet Middle School Band has been recognized as a band of excellence.

Saturday, March 14, 2015 the Nicolet Middle School band performed for the SCSBOA judged festival in Beaumont. We received an "excellent" rating. Some of the strong points mentioned by the band festival judges were good confidence, good job watching the director, great director, strong players, good trumpet tones, and good rhythmic precision. Richardson stated, "We had viewed this year as a year of "building up the band."  Awesome job! 


Band Festival
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