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Welcome to Nicolet Middle School

Administration Team:

Kelly Daly, Principal:
Laurie Valdivia, Assistant Principal:
Frank Chavez, Dean of Students:
  Charles Mayer, Admin. Designee


New Elective for 2018-2019

California Cadet Corps

The California Cadet Corps (CCC) is an elective class for grades 6 - 8 where students learn leadership skills, self-discipline, and other tools for success using military principles. This is a new 
addition to the elective choices, so contact counseling or the principal before May 16th to request more information or to add your son or daughter to the class. See information below:
                       Program Flyer    Website  

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Many things are happening at Nicolet to finish out this current school year. Here are items everyone needs to know:
May 9th is the last day of tutoring
May 10 at 6pm in the Assembly Hall, current 7th grade students and their parents/guardians are invited to learn about a week-long trip during Spring Break 2019. We hope you can join us!
May 14: All AR books check out from the Library are due
May 12 is the last Saturday School of the school year and the last chance to make up attendance
May 16 at 6pm in the Assembly Hall is our Spring Choir Concert 
May 18: 5th grade visit and Tug-of-War event
May 23: Springtime in Wonderland Drama Production in the Assembly Hall at 6pm
...see calendar on this page for upcoming awards nights, Promotion, and other events.

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What's New

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District Spelling Bee Winners for 2017-2018
1st Place: Eric Vasquez, 6th Grade
2nd Place: Rana Smith, 7th Grade
3rd Place: Dvid Arreola, 8th Grade
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Parent Education Classes
Nicolet MS Parent Liaison 2017
Katrina Rosado, Nicolet Parent
Click Here to view full calendar.

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